World-Class Powder Metal Parts
1049 Owens Road, Jamestown, TN 38556

Business Philosophy

Micro Metals is a supplier to the global market of
medium- to high-volume iron- and copper-based
conventional structural powder metal parts.
Mission & Customer Service


  • Micro Metals is a professionally operated, privately held company committed to caring about employees and their families. We are dedicated to the continuous advancement of employees by encouraging honest, open dialogue; skill building; and respect for human dignity. It is our belief that these three components lead toward an enhanced standard of living. We are further committed to a clean environment for the community and to providing a safe and clean workplace for our employees.
  • Micro Metals’ focus is on providing value to customers and vendors by meeting or exceeding expectations through development of long-term relationships based on honesty, innovative problem solving, promises kept, personal touch, and flexibility where varying needs are concerned.

Customer Service

  • Micro Metals' goal is to provide powder metal products and associated services that satisfy or exceed our customers' requirements, needs and expectations. In addition, Micro Metals continuously implements measures to meet all of our customers' expectations.
Micro Metals' customer service promotes:
  • Communication
  • Technology exchange
  • Education
  • Logistics
  • Advanced quality planning